• Heated sport jacket
  • Heated sport jacket
  • Heated sport jacket

Heated sport jacket

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Product Description

a) Jacket object with heating element
b) Home AC Charger
c) 2200mAh or 4400mAh battery

Specifications︰ Volt: DC 7.4V
Comes with 2200mA or 4400mA Li-polymer battery or lithium battery

Charger (CCC,UL, CE, PSE.. etc.)

Advantages︰ 1. Heat sources are distributed over the back and the two sides of the chest, which can relieve unwell feeling caused by cold of the back and the shoulder and at the same time facilitate blood circulation to achieve the best effects of keeping warm and healthy.

2. Use high technological bio-thermal fiber as a heat source.

3. Possess far infrared physical therapy (radiating 5-12um light wave on conducting electricity)

4. Micro CPU (five levels digital temperature control panel) can adjust temperature (between 40℃ and 70℃) in accordance with the different areas.

5. Battery working time: about 4-12 hours.
Standard Met︰ CE, RoHS

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