Abundance Electronic Corporation specializes in producing healthy heating and warmth keeping series products, such as heating vest, heating jacket, heating glove, heating insole and heating sleeping bag... etc.
Our products have multinational patents, such as China, Taiwan, Germany, Japan, and enjoy high reputation for its fine quality and competitive price. we cordially invite all the friends throughout the world to cooperate with us.





Target Users:
1/. Students, commuters and foreign travelers. 
2/. Frequent outdoor workers (construction, environmental protection, rides, drivers, rosters, etc.
3/. Sports (fishing, mountaineering, photographing, skiing, golfing, ball-game watching, etc.
4/. Persons who are in poor health and poor blood circulation.
5/. Persons who are old or inconvenient in movement and require keeping body warm.
6/. Persons who concern much about their heath cares.